The Ministry of Trade closes 6 companies
The Ministry of Trade closes 6 companies

The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the closure of 6 freight transport companies for shipping state-subsidized foodstuffs, and legal procedures are being completed to transfer them to the Commercial Prosecution Office for their violations of the Executive Regulations 117/2013 issued by law amending some provisions of Decree Law 10/1979.


In a press statement, Al-Tijaria indicated that the inspection teams visited the land, air and sea freight companies in various regions of Kuwait to check and ensure that there are no goods supported by the state after receiving a statement from the General Administration of Customs.

Al-Tijaria pointed out that the teams have arrested 6 companies that wish to ship some of the subsidized materials from among the shipments in them, and they have seized them and referred them to complete the legal procedures of the competent authority.

The Ministry of Commerce has warned shipping companies against shipping state-subsidized materials that are not permitted to be exported outside the country, stressing that their shipment is against the law, and places them under legal accountability, and there are legally stipulated penalties for the perpetrators of violations that reach imprisonment and revoke the license.

The trade stressed that it will not be lenient in taking legal measures against those who violate the law with shipping companies, and vis-à-vis everyone who commits the crime of smuggling subsidized materials from the state that is considered national security for the country, warning that this may lead to the closure of the institution and its transfer to the Public Prosecution.