Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior has warned motorists against endangering the lives of delivery service workers, as it has detected negative practices committed by some drivers against them, including infringement of their right to the road and sudden deviation, which endangers their lives. ...


She emphasized the importance of the delivery service profession, as it saves individuals time and effort to obtain their needs and requirements, pointing out that despite the important role that order delivery workers play, this profession is not without risks.

The Ministry warned that in light of the limited time to deliver orders, delivery bike drivers suffer from violations of traffic and traffic laws by some vehicle drivers, infringement of their right to the road, or sudden lane changes, which may put their lives at risk.

Some delivery drivers said in an awareness video, published by the Ministry of Interior through its Twitter account, that they always face problems on the road, as vehicle drivers do not give them the way, demanding respect for their right to the road and their safety. The Ministry of the Interior affirmed that "a motorcycle is a vehicle that is subject to traffic laws, and has the right to road just like other vehicles," calling on vehicle drivers to ensure their safety and lives, and not to endanger their lives.

During the past years, the roads witnessed a number of traffic accidents against delivery workers, which resulted in the death of some and the injury of others with serious injuries, which made them unable to ride a motorcycle again.

Finally, a court of first instance obligated an insurance company to pay 150,000 dirhams in compensation to a delivery employee, after a vehicle driver who had an insurance policy issued by the company shocked him, which caused him a permanent disability in the lower left limb, and because of him he will not be able to ride a bike And direct his work in the field of order delivery.

Traffic studies stated that injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are 35 times more than those caused by car accidents, while people who drive without wearing a protective helmet are at risk of fractures in the head, four times than those who wear it.

For their part, traffic departments at the state level continued to enhance traffic awareness among motorcyclists working in the field of delivery services about the importance of adhering to safe driving on the road, and traffic and traffic laws.