quick examination for Corona
quick examination for Corona

The Ministry of Health has revealed that various pharmacies will have rapid testing devices for Corona virus (Covid 19) Kingdom of Bahrain, for those wishing to conduct a self-examination, and obtain the results of the examination within 15 minutes only . ...

Noting that the ceiling price specified for selling a single device does not exceed 4 dinars.

These initiatives have reflected the Kingdom of Bahrain's keenness to introduce modern technologies in the field of diagnosis and treatment to reduce The spread of the Corona virus, and the endeavor to develop it in line with global developments in this field, in addition to facilitating Methods of testing, and making it accessible to everyone.

The Ministry of Health announced the list of pharmacies that will have the rapid screening devices available, through the new website Of the Ministry and for the review of the most important emergency health developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain healthalert.gov.bh, where it will be updated A list of pharmacies that have devices available periodically for public viewing.

The ministry indicated that the devices were distributed to pharmacies and prices were set through the National Authority for Regulating Professions And health services.

The Ministry of Health stated that the PCR examination is the only approved diagnostic tool in Bahrain.

The Ministry of Health had clarified earlier that the rapid examination is performed as a nasal swab, and the device is performed By giving results within 15 minutes with an accuracy of more than 93%. In addition, the quick detection is easy to use, practical and time-efficient.