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The Ministry of Electricity announces the causes and details of power outages due to a fire in Hawlli
power outages due to a fire in Hawlli

The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced in a press statement that emergency teams were able to restore electricity to all areas that were cut off from them, yesterday evening, Wednesday, due to a fire in the main Salmiya station.


The ministry said, “Yesterday at 16:59 pm yesterday, a fire broke out in the main feeder at the main transmission station (Salmiya W), which led to the burning of two cells and the station completely out of service.

The amount of load loss was 300 MW, which is what caused power cuts in parts of separate areas in Hawalli Governorate, namely (Salmiya - Rumaithiya - Bayan - Jabriya - Hawalli - Maidan Hawalli) ».