statement from the Minister of Labor on work permits
statement from the Minister of Labor on work permits

The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, Mr. Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan, emphasized that the flexible work permit does not entitle its holder to issue a commercial registry, employ others, sponsor employment or other practices that require the presence of a commercial registry, stressing that the flexible statement does not It constitutes a real competition for the commercial or professional activities of citizens.

The minister said renewed misunderstanding about flexible work permits and whether they were regular employers exercising their activities regularly, noting the importance of relying on understanding and the correct legal text without building on the apparent term.

He explained that the Labor Market Regulatory Authority Law No. 19 of 2006 includes definitions of three categories: the employer is “every natural or legal person who uses one or more workers to perform a specific job in the Kingdom for a fee of any kind, fixed or variable in cash or kind, and includes That is any government agency, corporation, public body, company, office, facility, or other private sector entity. The law defines the worker as: “Every natural person working for a wage of any kind, fixed or variable in cash or kind, with an employer and under his management or supervision.” As for the third definition, it relates to the foreign employer, which is “every foreign natural person to whom the definition of the worker does not apply in accordance with the provisions of this law and engages in work in the Kingdom, whether in his name and for his account or in the name or account of others.”

And the Minister: The legal name for a flexible work permit is the foreign employer who possesses a trade or profession and works for himself, adding a media named for the exercise in order to distinguish between him and the employer and the worker, given the similarity that may arise between the two terms, and to facilitate the identification of foreigners and the general community. .

The Minister asserted that we are obliged to use the legal term because it is the official and correspondence with the legislative authority because it is the basis, and that professionals and interested parties should build their opinions, attitudes and vision based on correct understanding and avoid building on the apparent understanding.