the date for the resumption of the study
the date for the resumption of the study

The Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, affirmed commitment to the cabinet decision issued at its extraordinary meeting held on February 26 regarding the disruption of studies for schools, universities and government and private colleges, provided that the study is resumed on Tuesday, the fourth of August.


The Ministry of Education was tasked with preparing detailed and organizational decisions to implement this decision after the repercussions of the new Corona virus, and in implementation of the precautionary measures taken by all sectors of the state concerned to confront this pandemic.

He explained that all options are available, but the ministry takes them gradually according to the situation, noting that there is no intention to end the academic year and that he will submit a report to the Cabinet on assessing the situation and future scenarios in the middle of next July.

He stated that there are extensive and continuous meetings with the Council of Agents, to discuss the Ministry's preparations and the latest developments on the educational scene for the return of the study according to the plan in place, pointing to concern for the speedy completion of the second stage of the operational plan to activate e-learning in preparation for uploading the materials recorded on the website and launching the educational platform.

 He affirmed the Ministry’s keenness on the interest of its children, achieving justice and equality for all, and achieving the highest benefit from modern technological means in accordance with the latest developments in applying the principle of e-learning and learning to serve the educational process in the country, especially amid the current conditions the world is witnessing as a whole as a result of the consequences of Corona.