reduce the training hours required for doctors
reduce the training hours required for doctors

The Bahrain Medical Association emphasized the importance of the decision taken by the National Health Regulatory Authority to reduce the number of continuous professional education hours required when renewing licenses for health institutions and health professions by half, on a temporary basis and during the first half of 2021. ...


The Secretary of the Society, Dr. Nizar Bokamal, indicated that the health and medical circles in the Kingdom of Bahrain received this decision with great satisfaction, as it takes into account the current conditions of the health and medical sector imposed by the "Covid-19" pandemic, and the preoccupation of health institutions, doctors, and health and medical personnel within the front lines in facing this pandemic And providing curative, preventive and advisory services.

The Financial Secretary of the Society commended the efforts made by Her Excellency Dr. Maryam Athbi Al-Jalahma, CEO of the National Authority for Regulating Professions and Health Services, in order to develop and upgrade the organizational structure of health professions and services in Bahrain, and her Excellency's keenness to effectively partner with the Bahrain Medical Association for everything that is in the interest of the Bahraini doctor and the health sector in a manner Public.

He said, “There are doctors who are forced to stay in home isolation from time to time because of their exposure to a virus infected with the virus, in addition to the pandemic conditions diverting our thinking and attention of all, as doctors, from our basic normal work and our normal life, and we are preoccupied with this virus obsession day and night, so the decision to exempt them from half an hour The required medical training is a burden on their shoulders, and we must not forget that dealing with the pandemic gave doctors an unprecedented training and experience opportunity.

Dr. Boukamal pointed out that this decision comes after a supportive decision for doctors issued by the authority some time ago that included exempting doctors and medical and health personnel who were unable to renew their licenses from February 2020 until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis from any penalties or fines issued.