Reducing the mandatory quarantine period
Reducing the mandatory quarantine period

 The Ministry of Health is studying a number of scenarios related to the application of the mandatory quarantine applied to travelers coming to the country.



Informed sources in the ministry said that among the scenarios is a proposal to reduce the mandatory quarantine period to between 3 and 7 days, instead of 14 days.

The sources added: This proposal is currently being studied, provided that a PCR examination certificate is mandatory for any traveler coming to the country in all cases, to prevent the entry of Corona infections from abroad, and to besiege the epidemic as much as possible.

According to the sources, the "health" study parallels its monitoring of developments in the epidemiological situation of the virus regionally, to ensure that the list of the commercial flight ban from some countries is updated, whether by reducing the list of 34 countries, or adding countries to them, in cooperation and coordination with "civil aviation".

In the context, government sources revealed that the Kuwait International Airport administration called on the health authorities to reduce the quarantine period and establish a mechanism to deal with travelers coming from abroad.

The sources indicated that the airport is currently almost paralyzed and suffering from delays in setting up a mechanism for the return of life since the fourth stage, and its operation, albeit gradually, has become an urgent requirement, similar to what other countries have done.