Kuwaiti embassy in Germany
Kuwaiti embassy in Germany

Today, Tuesday, the Kuwaiti embassy appealed to the resident Kuwaiti citizens to abide by new instructions issued by the German Ministry of the Interior regarding the residence of foreigners in the country.

In a statement, the embassy said that the German Interior Ministry had asked holders of an expired (Schengen) visa, who are on German soil, to leave Germany no later than the end of this September.

The statement pointed out that Germany "returns to the natural state stipulated in the law, which stipulates that granting the right to reside on German soil is done by studying the applications individually and in accordance with the conditions for each case separately."

He explained that in the event of exceptional cases whereby it is impossible for the holder of the expired visa to leave the German territory until the specified date, the embassy "recommended that the person concerned review the responsible foreign affairs department to work on finding a suitable solution so that the departure date is determined on the basis of the requirements of the situation."

He added that with regard to entering German lands, the German Foreign Ministry announced that the general warning imposed on countries outside the European Union and the (Schengen) region will be valid until the end of this September, and that from the beginning of next October, the warning will be issued to unilaterally travel to these countries.

Reducing attendance at National Day 90 parties

Important statement on National Day 90's parties

The organizers of the Saudi National Day parties, the companies "Rotana" and "Benchmark", announced in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday, the reduction of the capacity previously scheduled for the masses; For health reasons, after reviewing the preventive protocols regarding the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

According to the statement issued that reads: “After reviewing health precautions and in the interest of us for the safety of our beloved audience, it has been decided to reduce the number of attendees for the National Day 90 parties, and we wish safety for all.”
The statement indicated that the amounts paid will be reviewed according to the methods that were paid during the purchase of tickets.