King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Minister of the Royal Court, received from His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Financial and Administrative Control Bureau, the seventeenth annual report of the Audit Bureau for the Professional Year (2019/2020), which he submitted to His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the beloved monarch of the country, may God protect him.


His Majesty the King praised the great role played by the Office of Financial and Administrative Supervision, and the efforts made by its cadres, noting the outstanding performance and achievements made to preserve public money and verify its good management and the legitimacy of its spending, by applying the highest standards of professionalism and transparency.

For his part, His Excellency the Minister of the Royal Court considered the Office of Supervision to perform its responsibilities entrusted to it while preserving the independence of its work as part of the reform project of His Majesty the King, and the completion of the constitutional institutions, which ensures the raising of the level of productivity, efficiency and optimal employment of resources, which is reflected in the level of services provided and thus achieving the national interest .

He referred to the Board of Financial and Administrative Control adopting the best professional practices, taking into account all developments and developments at the local, regional and global levels, and ensuring the application of the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

For his part, His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Bureau of Financial and Administrative Control, said that the development and growth of the Bureau since its inception and its ability to perform its duties efficiently is due to the continuous support, good guidance and generous patronage it enjoys from His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the beloved monarch of the country, may God protect him and take care of him, appreciating and appreciating the unlimited support from His Majesty, which facilitates the implementation of tasks and raises the level and quality of work.

He added, "We are guided by the directives and views of His Majesty the King in completing reports and missions, making observations and recommendations, implementing control over state funds, and establishing the pillars of integrity, responsibility and transparency in dealing with and managing public money in accordance with the provisions of the law."
His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed continued, "I was honored to submit the seventeenth annual report of the Bureau of Financial and Administrative Supervision (2019/2020) to the shrine of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the beloved monarch of the country, may God preserve and protect him, according to Article (19) of the Diwan Law, which was dedicated He has all the human and material capabilities and possible efforts to appear at a decent professional level, despite the exceptional circumstances caused by the Corona pandemic (Covid-19).

He added, "The Corona pandemic had effects and repercussions that changed, unexpectedly, the method of work at the global and local levels, but this did not discourage the Bureau from carrying out its oversight work in an accurate, integrated and professional manner in line with professional standards and the best global regulatory practices, in order to continue to provide value. Added to the bodies covered by its control, and to the rest of the partners and related parties. "
His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed noted that the monitoring work carried out by the Bureau under the plan covered various economic, social, service, health and environmental sectors, as well as the development of plant, animal, marine and other resources, and the positive approach was based on partnership and cooperation with the bodies covered by the control in line with the latest international standards.

He affirmed that (96) oversight tasks were accomplished, according to which (129) reports were issued, in addition to (46) follow-up reports, with the aim of ensuring that the bodies covered by control implement the recommendations contained in the previous reports and address the deficiencies indicated by the Bureau's observations and recommendations.

He explained that the follow-up work resulted in the Bureau verifying the implementation of the bodies covered by its control (or their initiation of implementation) about 80% of the total recommendations issued within its reports, an increase of 14% compared to those achieved in the 2018/2019 professional year, which is a positive indicator of The authorities dealt well with the observations and recommendations, and reflects the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Bureau in this regard, especially with regard to the need to develop clear and specific plans to implement those recommendations, in addition to the fact that the follow-up work included two years instead of one year as before.