head of the National Guard
head of the National Guard

Lieutenant General His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the National Guard, praised the contents of the lofty speech of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the monarch of the country, the Grand Commander, may God protect him, when His Majesty sponsored the opening of the third session of the fifth legislative term of the Shura Council.


His Highness indicated that the lofty speech formed a beacon to achieve further progress and prosperity, face challenges, and build on the strength of national institutions that have proven their success, the strength of their organization and the effectiveness of their cadres under the current circumstances.

He added that the directives and sound vision of His Majesty had a great impact in building the honorable Bahraini model in facing this current health crisis, which was able to achieve international fame and acclaim, as one of the best international practices as mentioned by the beloved monarch in his high speech.

He pointed out that His Majesty's high speeches always urge the people of the nation to be united, to strengthen their resolve, and to sharpen their eagerness towards achieving further progress, construction and development for our dear kingdom under the banner of my beloved King of the country.

His Highness affirmed that it is not strange for His Majesty, may God protect and preserve him, to be grateful for the work of the people of Bahrain and their rallying around their homeland at a time of hardship. Therefore, the directives of the beloved monarch to establish a hospital and center specializing in the field of infectious diseases, and with equipment that enables him to deal with health challenges nationally and regionally. All those who support the "Fina Good" campaign, and the establishment of a fund that invests and supports the energies, ambitions and innovations of Bahraini youth to create and own businesses and companies, has a great impact on the souls of all loyal people of the nation, and a profound indication that the Supreme Leader appreciates the sacrifices of his children and meets the call of their homeland, and is keen on their prosperity and well-being.

His Highness expressed his gratitude to His Majesty the King, the Supreme Leader, may God protect him, for the great interest and support shown by His Majesty for the security institutions and agencies, noting that the National Guard as part of these services will always carry upon it the responsibility of preserving the nation’s gains, preserving its lands and preserving its security and safety. His citizens, praying to God to preserve Bahrain as a king, government and people.