return citizens from abroad
return citizens from abroad

Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Nasser announced the continuation of work to return citizens from abroad after the completion of the four evacuation stages that transferred 29,168 citizens from 58 countries, to include the next stage three categories, who are remaining citizens abroad, and first-degree relatives, and their employees.


Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser presented, during a press conference held the night of yesterday, the details of the comprehensive evacuation plan for citizens, in implementation of the high directives of His Highness the Prince and His Highness the Prime Minister, and follow-up and implementation from all sectors concerned, citing the speech of His Highness the Prince’s appreciation of all workers and volunteers in the return plan, And the importance of fortifying our country and our citizens, through full compliance with health conditions.

Al-Nasser pointed out that facing a large number of challenges in the evacuation plan, which was accomplished jointly by government and voluntary bodies, side by side, to perform their national duty, by doing the least described as a national epic with Kuwaiti cadres and forearms that successfully crowned the evacuation plan within a period of time not exceeding 15 days with the return Nearly 30 thousand citizens.

He continued, “We have laid down our plan to return our citizens from abroad, taking into account a balance between the lofty desire to work for the return of all our sons who want to return to the homeland, and a set of challenges represented in the large number of our citizens abroad who were stranded and demanded also, the comprehensive closure of the airports of some countries, and the outbreak of the epidemic in Some of these countries, the collapse of the health system in some of them, and the decisions of total and partial embargoes in some countries that restricted the movement of our citizens in it.

He pointed out that in the stage of immediate evacuation, a number of our citizens were evacuated abroad from February 21 to February 26 from: China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. At that time, we talked about 25,000 stranded people, in addition to about 35,000 students, but after the unification of the database and the launch of the "Maakam" platform, the total number 46181 is present in a wide geographical area in various continents of the world in 103 countries.

He added that the stage of the complete evacuation began from February 24 to February 29, from the countries in which our citizens are located with little intensity, and are directly exposed to the epidemic, namely: Iran, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Germany.
He stated that the programmed evacuation phase started from 25 to 29 March, postponing the elderly over the age of 65, people with special needs, critical medical conditions, and a minor under the age of 18 without a breadwinner.