first scientific discovery kills Corona
first scientific discovery kills Corona

The agency responsible for public transportation in New York City, USA, has announced a pilot program using special lights to completely eliminate the emerging Corona virus as (Covid 19) , if it is outside the human body on all types of surfaces and in all places.

CNN reported that UV lamps are the most successful proven invention to kill the emerging corona virus (COFED-19) everywhere, by bus, train, station, and airport.

The Urban Transport Authority said it would use "150 dual-head mobile devices" to see how effective the method is in dealing with the virus.

Trying Peruvian lighting company reported, UV radiation is one of three types of light, which has been shown to remove the Covid-19 virus and are more effective against viruses and bacteria.

The government agencies pointed out that the first stage of its launch in the subway and buses is scheduled for next week, and expansion may occur in the week following the launch in Long Island, and then the lamp usage may spread more and may include all of America and the countries of the world.