The first flight carrying tourists to the UAE landed on Sunday in Dubai, in the latest sign of the normalization deal reached between the UAE and Israel. ...


Flydubai Flight FZ8194 landed at Dubai International Airport after 5:40 pm. The low-cost carrier dispatched one of its Boeing 737s to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv earlier Sunday morning to pick up passengers.

The flight flew through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then over the waters of the Arabian Gulf to reach the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE and Israel have agreed to launch regular commercial flights between their countries soon, while other flights have recently carried commercial and government delegations.

Flydubai plans to start its flights to Tel Aviv later this month. The airline described the Sunday flight as a "chartered commercial flight" for the arriving tourists, without further details.

This comes after Israel and the UAE signed a normalization agreement with Israel alongside Bahrain in a celebration at the White House in September, making them the third and fourth Arab countries to conclude peace with Israel now.

But while Egypt and Jordan earlier signed peace agreements, the UAE said it expected to reach a "warm" peace with Israel.