exemption of expatriates from health requirements
exemption of expatriates from health requirements

The head of the Government Communication Center, the official spokesperson for the government, Tariq Al-Muzrim, confirmed that all passengers coming to Kuwait are subject to the required health requirements, and that the government will not be complacent in implementing ministerial decisions and will not allow entry of any passenger without applying health requirements and without any exception.

Al-Muzrim added, in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today, Wednesday, that "arriving passengers must present an approved PCR examination certificate proving the negative infection with the new Corona virus, as well as conducting random swabs at Kuwait Airport for arrivals of various nationalities."
He continued, "It also imposes home quarantine on all arrivals for a period of 14 days, taking into account the conditions related to foreign passengers coming to Kuwait from the list of prohibited countries."
He pointed out that "what is circulating on social media about the presence of stuck Arab community in one of the Gulf countries coming to Kuwait and excluding them from the conditions, this matter is unfounded, and there is no government intervention or coordination for their entry into the country."
Al-Muzrim stressed that "Kuwait will not tolerate the implementation of ministerial decisions in this regard and will not allow the entry of any passenger without the application of health requirements."