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The date of opening flights with the banned countries to Kuwait
date of opening flights with the banned countries

An informed source announced that the total employment expected to return immediately after the issuance of official decisions is 80 thousand domestic workers, who return within approximately 4 to 5 months.


The source added that the perceptions presented within the employment return plan include the arrival of 600 workers on two trips per day, with strict health procedures put in place to be examined before they come to the country and after their arrival, and then they spend the institutional quarantine period.

Regarding the health measures taken, the source stated that the initial vision presented in the plan is that the worker's pcr examination is done before coming to the country, and then examined upon his arrival by the medical and technical staff at Kuwait International Airport, provided that the pcr examination is performed after the worker has spent two weeks of quarantine .

Informed sources revealed that the timing of the opening of the airspace of the 34 banned countries for the return of other workers needed by Kuwait will be after monitoring observations of opening the airspace for the return of domestic workers, so that any drawbacks or obstacles can be avoided and for the return plan for them to be more flexible and fast.

The sources said that the Ministry of Health has not yet officially determined the timing of the transition to the fifth stage, which is related to several factors, the most important of which are: the arrival of the vaccine to the homeland and the subjection of the specified groups to it, in addition to a drastic reduction in infections.