The crisis of Egyptian students in Kuwait is on its way to a solution

The Egyptian Cultural Office in Kuwait dismantled the intertwined knots in the case of more than 3 thousand Egyptian students. Their families, due to their social and material conditions, transferred them from private Kuwaiti schools to study the Egyptian curriculum, with the “Our Sons Abroad” system, but they collided with the Egyptian Ministry of Education's refusal to adopt a mechanism.

Transferring them, due to the one-semester certificates issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education, after the Cabinet's decision to end the school year, and the adoption of automatic success for grades from the first to the eleventh in the year 2019-2020.

And the office that proceeded - according to the parents - with their case to the solution determined the documents required for applicants from Arab schools inside Kuwait to study the Egyptian curriculum, the most important of which is "a statement of the success of the last original class," meaning "not a true copy or a lost replacement", and is approved by private education or from the region Educational system for public schools, and it is certified by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Consulate.

In the same context, the Egyptian cultural advisor to the country, Dr. Imad Hashish, denied that there is any prejudice to the future of any Egyptian student from the community in Kuwait, pointing out that the reason for concern of some parents lies in completing some of the papers required by the Egyptian Ministry of Education for this year , Indicating that «from the first day the Cultural Office announced its readiness to receive all students applying for our children's examinations abroad».

Hashish added that he contacted the Egyptian Ministry of Education, which in turn expressed its full readiness to provide everything that is in the interest of Egyptian students, stressing that the Cultural Office has clarified the complete picture of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

He stated that the issuance of academic certificates for students this year came in accordance with the current circumstances due to the Corona virus pandemic, which led to this situation, explaining that the Egyptian Cultural Office had explained the picture to parents and it was assured that there was no problem with their children.