plan to revive life
plan to revive life

The Minister of Interior announced that the comprehensive ban would not be extended based on the cabinet decision, and the partial ban would be implemented after the end of the comprehensive ban in the country.

Details of the return to normal life will be announced on Thursday, and all scenarios will be laid out For the stages of life gradually returning

In an exceptional meeting of the Council of Ministers to reassess the latest developments and developments of the new Corona virus, to assess the return of life to Kuwait again and to assess the current situation from the comprehensive ban until May 30 and follow all security and health measures taken during the last period.
It is scheduled that the comprehensive ban will turn into a partial ban as of next Sunday, with all future measures and steps to return to normalcy in all countries in Kuwait also approved.

Life is gradually returning to normal in Kuwait through 5 different phases and by all possible means to fight the epidemic even if regions are completely isolated and the cabinet will take its decision in this regard during next Thursday's meeting.