Capital Municipality removes 1924 violations of street vendors in 9 months
Capital Municipality removes 1924 violations of street vendors in 9 months

The Municipality of the Capital organizes, throughout the year, inspection campaigns to eliminate the infringements of the street vendors in the vicinity of the capital, within the framework of the commitment to enforce the laws that fall under its competencies and aim to enhance the aesthetic and civilizational form of the region and to ensure the comfort and safety of citizens and the public interest.


The Capital Municipality confirms that it will continue to organize inspection campaigns to remove violations that violate the Public Road Works Act to limit the aggravation of this uncivilized phenomenon that spreads its health and social negatives in the local community in addition to the obstruction it causes in traffic and confuses the traffic process.

The Capital Municipality indicated that it is organizing daily and weekly periodic campaigns to remove violations immediately and confiscate goods, as 20 mattresses were removed last Friday from central Manama in Complex 304, which is a routine campaign carried out by inspection teams to reduce this phenomenon in that region.

It indicated that the number of removals of street vendors ’mattresses in the third quarter of the year 2020 reached 622 removals, bringing the number from January to September of this year 1924 removal, as it excluded Bahraini vendors from the removal campaigns provided they apply for the necessary licenses and adhere to health requirements and municipal regulations.

The Capital Municipality appeals to all citizens and residents not to deal with, or buy from, the violating vendors.