Tenancy Amendment Law
Tenancy Amendment Law

A shocking new law was issued stripped of justice and fairness regarding the amendment of rental provisions. The Lawyers Association, the Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice and the Fatwa and Legislation Administration were asked to abolish the law altogether, and to issue another law that was more just, fair and disciplined than it, and the speed of dealing with the law, due to its defects that cannot be Rectified.

And she believed that the legislator shocked everyone, by issuing a law devoid of justice and fairness, all that was brought about by a mandatory restriction on the authority of the judge to prevent him from ruling for eviction when the tenant did not fulfill the late rent.

It was also necessary for the legislator to stipulate obligating the rental lawsuit departments to refer what was not resolved in it to the rent departments of their new formation.
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The Coronavirus pandemic that afflicted the countries of the world has left many problems, whether on the health, political or economic levels, but developed countries are the ones who have the ability to deal with such crises, by enacting legislation or issuing decisions whose purpose is, Preserving the public good.

In Kuwait, the Supreme Steering Committee for Economic Stimulation, formed last June, headed by the Governor of the Central Bank, has taken incentives in accordance with specific controls, to reduce the default and bankruptcy of companies, due to the inability of many of them to fulfill legal obligations, one of which is the lease contracts.