sharjah police
sharjah police

A four-year-old Arab boy escaped from falling from the first floor of an apartment in the Buhaira district five days ago.


Investigations revealed that the boy climbed an object preserved in the balcony of the building where he was staying with his family, lost balance and fell to the ground.

Police said it was an accident, while ruling out any criminal act or negligence behind the accident after questioning family members.

Lt. Col. Abdullah Salem Al Naqbi, director of Al Buhaira Police Station, said that they received a call to inform them of the fall of a child from the first floor. Police immediately dispatched a team - made up of CID officers, patrols, and a national ambulance - to the site.

The team took the boy to the hospital.

Later, a delegation of Al-Buhaira police headed by Al-Naqbi visited the child in the hospital to check on his health.

The boy's father thanked Sharjah Police for their quick action, which saved the boy's life. He also praised them for their constant monitoring of the child's health.

The Prophet called on community members and parents to be vigilant towards their children at home to ensure that no untoward accident occurs.

Urge them not to keep furniture - such as benches or tables - near windows or on balconies, so that children do not climb on them and risk falling.