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"Supreme Health" announces the arrival of the "Corona" vaccine in Bahrain

The president of the Supreme Council of Health, Lt. Gen. Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, said that the first batches of the Corona vaccine are expected to arrive in Bahrain early in the new year (2021), according to a memorandum sent to the House of Representatives and obtained by Al-Ayyam.

The memorandum called for the continuation of the sessions of the House of Representatives "remotely", in response to a memorandum sent by Speaker of the House Of Representatives Fawzia Zainal on October 26th asking about the mechanism of holding the sessions in the coming period.
"In reference to your letter dated October 26, 2020 on the mechanism for holding sessions of the House of Representatives under the Corona pandemic, we suggest that your Excellency continue to hold meetings of the House of Representatives remotely until the beginning of 2021, where the first batches of vaccine are expected to arrive early in the new year, God willing," the note said.
"Members of the Shura Council and the Deputies will be among the priority groups in taking the vaccine, given the importance of the role of the two chambers in the legislative process to enable them to perform their duties to the fullest in safe health conditions," the memorandum added.