Stranded residents can return to UAE
Stranded residents can return to UAE

The United Arab Emirates has announced the reunification of families that have been divided due to travel restrictions due to the Corona virus, that residents with valid visas and stranded outside the country can return since 1 June.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship said that they would start the process on Monday, 1 June, by permitting the return of those who are currently stranded outside the country and who have relatives in the United Arab Emirates.

Residents who meet these criteria must apply for a resident entry permit at

The ministry and the authority said the decision was taken to reunite families who have been affected by the Corona virus control measures due to the exceptional circumstances.

Hundreds of UAE nationals are currently suspended abroad and separated from their families due to the unexpected travel ban imposed by many countries as preventive measures to reduce the spread of the Corona virus.