Stop extending passports of Egyptians in Kuwait
Stop extending passports of Egyptians in Kuwait

The Egyptian Consul to Kuwait, Ambassador Hisham Asran, announced the suspension of extending passports for Egyptians there, based on instructions from the Egyptian authorities.


Ambassador Asran said in his statement to a Kuwaiti newspaper, that the law prohibits extending passports except for travel to Egypt only, explaining that this is an exception that does not exceed 6 months, provided that it expires. Stressing that the law prohibits any extension otherwise.

A number of Egyptians were in Kuwait demanding to extend their passports so that they could renew residency in the country, after their passports had expired.

The newspaper stated that the new instructions from the Egyptian authorities stopped the previously-applied exception to extend those passports during the Corona epidemic crisis.

Earlier, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, Nabila Makram, confirmed that about 300 Egyptian citizens were subjected to a two-person fraud, under the pretext of returning them to Kuwait, after spending a quarantine period in the UAE.