People stranded outside UAE
People stranded outside UAE

People stranded outside the UAE due to travel restrictions caused by the Corona virus can start returning to the country from 1 June.

The announcement is a relief to many families who have a loved one stuck abroad.

Previously, residents had to register with the State Department service called Twajudi, which quickly rushed back humanitarian or special cases.

Now, these residents can register on the ICA website.

Follow these steps:

1. Remember: Do not book travel tickets unless you get approval for your request.

2. Required documents:
- color picture
- A copy of the residency
- passport copy
- proof of a visit abroad (this could be a letter from the workplace, educational institution or airline ticket if the reason is tourism)

3. Visit the home page of

4. Scroll down to the last option in the list of smart services: "Other services - Residents outside the UAE - Entry permit - Issuance"

5. Click 'Start service'.

6. Fill out the online form, attach documents, review and submit your application.