Starting Summer in UAE
Starting Summer in UAE

Although residents of UAE are already beginning to feel hot, an expert said that the official summer period is about to start at 1.44 am on 21 June.

Ibrahim al-Jarwan, a member of the Arab Federation for Astronomy and Space Sciences, said that the summer months in the UAE are expected to continue until September 23.

Al Jarwan added that the average temperature at the beginning of the summer of this year is expected to range from a minimum of 25 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 41 degrees.

"However, the temperature will range between 28 and 43 degrees Celsius in the middle of the season, and it finally cools to 21 and 39 degrees Celsius at the end of that."

Those hoping for rain could be a little disappointed as the puppy expected it to be very rare during the season.

He added, "Recreation is expected only in the mountainous areas in the eastern part of the country."

It is expected that Eid Al-Adha will coincide with Friday, July 31, and from astronomical point of view, the moon crescent moon 1416 will be born on Monday 20 July 2020 at 21:33 UAE time, then it will be seen on Tuesday evening, Wednesday, July 22. "