Solar magnetic storm attacks Earth tomorrow, Sunday
Solar magnetic storm attacks Earth tomorrow, Sunday

The Jordanian astronomer, Imad Mujahid, said that the sun launched a strong solar wind in the form of a magnetic storm towards the moving planets, including the planet Earth, and is expected to start its impact on the Earth on Sunday.


Mujahid explained to Jordan News Agency today, Saturday, that this storm is considered to be of moderate strength in terms of classification of solar storms, and its cause is the emergence of a giant hole in the southern half of the sun's disk, and its impact is expected on satellites, spaceships, space communications and aviation flights, especially in areas near the pole. North, in addition to the electricity network.
He said that he expected to appear "Aurora Polaris", which is a natural celestial phenomenon that occurs as a result of the interaction of electrically charged particles, accompanying the solar storm with the Earth's magnetic field, indicating that the solar storm occurs as a result of nuclear explosions in the sun, and because of it, solar winds that reach most of The planets are moving, but they become less dense as they move away from the sun.
He added that the solar wind is divided into two main parts, what comes in the form of rays traveling at the speed of light, which are visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray, infrared, and radio rays, and solar winds that come in the form of electrically charged particles, electrons and ions, with a speed of about 600 kilometers in One second.
Mujahid said that through studies conducted on the solar wind, scientists have found that the solar wind has a clear effect on the Earth, such as communications, especially interference with satellites, as well as power cuts in some places, as happened in the city of "Kubak" in 1989.

He pointed out that the phenomenon of the aurora borealis increases in the areas near the poles, and affects astronauts and spacecraft, as it affects the ozone layer, as the holes in it increase, and thus allow the entry of a greater amount of ultraviolet rays, which are the rays directly responsible for skin cancer diseases. Loss of vision.