A resident gives birth to her baby during a hospital fire
A resident gives birth to her baby during a hospital fire

The Director of the Civil Defense Center in Karama, Major Saeed Muhammad Al Mazrouei, accompanied by a number of firefighters, and the government communication team, visited the home of an Asian woman to check on her safety and her newborn after her distinguished rescue operation, which was carried out by the Fire Brigade and Rescue Center, in a fire accident (hospital Aster) of the Al-Mankhool area on September 28, which was controlled in record time and without injuries.


During the evacuation of patients from the hospital, the woman was evacuated with her newborn from the operating room after giving birth to her baby during the accident, with all necessary medical precautions taken by the civil defense personnel and the nursing team at the hospital.

The visit comes as part of the "You Deserve Safety" initiative launched by the General Administration of Civil Defense in Dubai, to enhance the concepts of interdependence and cooperation between civil defense and the various groups of society, and to reflect the values ​​and meanings of community communication included in his strategic plans, through field visits to communicate with families after accidents of fires and rescue operations. In addition to polling and measuring the level of satisfaction of community members about the role and sacrifices of firefighters and rescuers.

Major Al Mazrouei pointed out that the field visits contribute to strengthening the role of community civil defense, within the pioneering and distinguished community service strategy for the happiness of society and improving the quality of life that does not stop at fire and rescue operations, but rather goes beyond that to community partnership, and the spread of the culture of prevention and safety among members of society.

Kuwait ... The reason for the delay in obtaining driving licenses for expatriates

 Delayed issuance of foreign driving licenses

The market license processing devices in the designated complexes are experiencing severe overcrowding and rapidly running out of licenses, which does not enable those wishing to renew licenses to complete their procedures after renewing them online.
Citizens and expatriates expressed their hope to find solutions for them and enable them to extract market licenses so that no violations are released for them, stressing that they have begun to renew market licenses, but the lack of crude is a problem, and expatriates also mentioned that limiting devices in the Avenues to citizens morning and evening deepens their problems.

In this context, a security source said that there is a problem with the availability of crude under which licenses are issued, pointing out that traffic departments are distributing enough raw for 700 market licenses per week, adding that there are efforts to provide more crude, indicating that the citizen has the right to review departments Traffic and service centers to complete his transaction.

The source revealed that the General Traffic Department has entered the second stage of issuing smart licenses, as expatriates who are issued driving licenses for the first time can obtain smart licenses with modern security and formal features and keep pace with global developments and specifications in addition to being in conformity with specifications and standards and containing security features. Modern international anti-fraud ISO18013.

The source indicated that the third phase is being implemented, and smart licenses will be provided to all expatriates who are in the process of renewing licenses or extracting a lost replacement.