raising the minimum wage for private school teachers
raising the minimum wage for private school teachers

Dr. Hamid Jasim Al-Zaabi, Chairman of the Education, Culture, Youth and Media Committee of the Sharjah Consultative Council, said that the committee sent a proposal to the Sharjah Special Education Authority calling for allocating the minimum wage for teachers in private schools in the emirate to help them deal with the high cost of living.

A Spea official said that the SCC study will be carefully studied and the recommendations will be studied.

Al-Zaabi stressed that raising the minimum wages for teachers will have a significant impact on the progress of the educational process, as it will motivate them to develop their skills and students' skills.

He added that during the Covid-19 crisis, teachers played a critical role in the successful implementation of the distance learning system.

Al-Zaabi said that the committee’s proposal was formulated after a comprehensive study of teachers ’salaries in private schools. She showed that low wages prevailed in private schools, but they differed from one school to another. He noted that salaries depend on several factors, such as ability and total school revenue.

Al-Zaabi said that the committee received a large number of complaints about the low salaries of private school teachers. "It negatively affects the educational process and the academic level of the student."

He said that most teachers complained that their salaries were not commensurate with their efforts, adding that since the reward was not sufficient to maintain them, they were forced to give private lessons.

Al-Zaabi said that the proposal submitted to Spaya relies on a study on the cost of living per person.

He stressed that "raising the salaries of private school teachers will contribute effectively to providing job opportunities for citizens in this sector in the future."

School administration officials said that teachers ’salaries range between 2,000 and 7,000 dirhams, and this indicates that the annual salary increase has not taken place at a steady rate. School salary increases depend on various critical indicators such as the institute's economic strength and net revenue; The number of students enrolled each year, as well as the number of classes and weekly classes assigned to the teacher.