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To complete the implementation of school plans for the current academic year 2020-2021, according to the precautionary and preventive controls and requirements that the authority has circulated to private schools as part of its guideline for reopening schools and receiving students;

The Sharjah Special Education Authority and the Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Team in the Emirate of Sharjah announced that next Sunday will be the date for the gradual return to schools, within the direct and hybrid education systems

The decision to return students to school seats came after making sure that all educational scientific facilities are ready, and that all precautionary measures have been implemented, which were specified by the authority in the guideline, in which the procedures to be followed by school administrations, functional cadres, parents and students are specified in accordance with Repercussions and variables of the emerging corona virus, Covid 19, pandemic.

The authority was keen to pre-empt the academic year and return students to their schools, with field visits to check the schools ’preparations for receiving students and returning to their classrooms, in addition to inspection campaigns carried out by the authority’s educational supervision team on private educational institutions, in cooperation with the strategic partners in the Ministry of Health and Community Protection. And the Sharjah Education Council, the Prevention and Safety Authority, the Sharjah Municipality, the Department of Municipalities, Agriculture and Livestock, the Health Control Department, the Nutrition Control Department, and the Public Health Department.

The head of the Sharjah Special Education Authority, Dr.Madhatha Al-Hashemi, explained that the schools ’readiness and ability to receive students came with great efforts made by the authority, and was supported by a group of strategic partners, who demonstrated high ability and competence, appreciating their support and cooperation, in addition to the cooperation of administrative, supervisory and teaching staff. Working in all educational institutions, as well as parents.
Dr. Al-Hashemi confirmed that the authority works diligently and continuously, and makes its decisions with concern for health priority and student safety, providing health support and awareness, in addition to the academic educational aspect, pointing to the formation of field committees to ensure the implementation of procedures for the gradual return of students and the regularity of attendance in accordance with the health protocol, stressing the context The same stresses the importance of adhering to all protocols, health and safety requirements and conditions in schools, and full compliance with the application of the requirements and instructions of the guide.

She added that the authority anticipated the start of the school year, with a package of measures, campaigns, and initiatives, aimed at raising students 'and parents' awareness of issues of personal care and safety, and preserving their health and safety, within a healthy educational environment, in addition to implementing a number of training sessions and workshops. With the aim of raising the efficiency of teaching work, and achieving high quality educational outcomes.

For his part, Director of the Sharjah Special Education Authority, Ali Al Hosani, affirmed the authority's keenness to ensure that all parties to the educational system adhere to the guidelines and protocols of the instruction manual and its 100% application, which was issued by the authority, to ensure a safe and smooth start of the academic year, and to provide a healthy and conscious environment, and an exemplary educational climate. Where students are able to practice their school life in safety and security.

Al Hosani added: “The spread of the new Coronavirus pandemic has imposed on the world to take unconventional measures, especially with regard to educational systems, and in the Emirate of Sharjah, we were able, due to the experience and expertise of the emirate in the education sector, to deal with the current situation, and to transform changes and developments into opportunities. It will have a great impact on the educational model in the future, "praising at the same time the efforts and support of all educational partners and parties, including teachers, parents, students, and local and federal government institutions.

The Sharjah Special Education Authority teams are working to follow up the implementation of precautionary measures in all private schools in the emirate, starting from sterilization stations, to reducing the capacity in classrooms, and installing floor stickers to maintain the physical distance of not less than a meter and a half, in order to ensure an educational experience Completely safe, while the authority has set a set of procedures to be followed and ensures the necessity of conducting a Covid 19 examination for all students from the age of 12 and over, teachers and staff in all schools, and forming a team of health and safety officials in each school to ensure the implementation of the reopening procedures, and follow-up of the implementation of health and safety measures .

The authority has obligated the students to be placed in the pre-primary stage, the first year of foundation, the first kindergarten and the foundation two in groups of 10 students maximum, taking into account the non-contact of students in the group with other students, calling for the distribution of hand sanitizers in all facilities of the school campus, and wearing a mask at all times for those who They are over the age of six, and specific entrances and exits are allocated, while parents are not allowed to enter schools, and students ’connection and reception points are determined, taking care to enter them through specific points for their temperatures to be checked in addition to implementing school transport procedures that require that the carrying capacity not increase Buses have less than 50 percent, in addition to measuring the temperature of students before boarding the bus, sterilizing school buses on a daily basis, obligating schools to provide ready-made food only and urging students to bring food from home, along with other preventive measures that are binding on all school community