Sharjah Police launch a campaign to curb car theft
Sharjah Police launch a campaign to curb car theft

The awareness campaign aims to warn motorists of new tricks used by car thieves to steal valuables from vehicles. ...


Sharjah Police launched a video campaign to spread awareness among motorists to curb property crimes such as car thefts.

The awareness campaign, under the slogan of caution and duty, is part of the Ministry of Interior's strategy that aims to enhance security and safety among the population.

Colonel Omar Sultan Al-Zoud, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, urged community members not to fall prey to fraudsters and to keep their valuable possessions in vehicles. He stated that the campaign aims to raise awareness about the methods used by thieves.

It has been observed that thieves use innovative methods to steal valuables from cars. They often spit or sneeze on your clothes with the intent to distract people or pretend to point to defects in the car, such as flat tires or other deceptive methods.

Colonel Al Zoud advised motorists to make sure their cars were not keeping the engine running and to leave the car open, even for a few minutes. He also said that people should avoid parking their cars in dark, isolated places and leave no valuables in their cars.

He also called on members of the association to be careful and report any suspicious move or theft to the number 999, and to avoid tampering with any evidence until the police arrive.