Sharjah Police
Sharjah Police

Sharjah Police seized a person who violated the health isolation decision despite his prior knowledge of his infection with the Corona virus, and he was put back in isolation again, tightening control over him, and taking the necessary legal measures against him in line with the preventive and precautionary measures applied by the state to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and ensure the security and safety of community members.

According to the official account of the Sharjah Police on Twitter, the Director General of Central Operations of Sharjah Police and Chairman of the Executive Committee for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management in the emirate, Brigadier Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al-Naour, indicated that “a person infected with Coronavirus has been caught, after violating the regulations and laws that oblige the person infected with this virus to stay. He is isolated from his family and society and not in contact with them, so as not to endanger their lives.

He pointed out that “the injured person has been sent back to health isolation again with tightening control over him, and the necessary measures have been taken against him, in accordance with the decision issued by the UAE Attorney General No. (38) of 2020 regarding the application of the regulation for controlling violations and administrative penalties issued by Cabinet Resolution No. ( 17) for the year 2020, regarding the regulation of controlling violations, precautionary measures, instructions and duties imposed to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

Whoever violates the home quarantine instructions, according to the home quarantine guide, re-examination according to health procedures, or failure to implement them, will be punished with a fine of 50 thousand dirhams.

Brigadier General Naour emphasized that "the safety and protection of community members is a top priority," indicating that violations that threaten the safety of individuals will not be tolerated. Every person violating the laws related to this matter is dealt with firmly.

Brigadier General Naour revealed the great efforts made by the competent field work teams during the period from 1 to 15 September to maintain the safety and health of community members and to prevent them from spreading the virus and address its negative effects.

He indicated that “2,437 people were caught violating the precautionary measures applied to limit the spread of the virus, and 2,486 violations were applied against them, amounting to a total of 26 types of violations, most notably the violations of not wearing masks, and not leaving space distances when going to closed public places, or shopping centers and means Public transport, and violations related to passengers exceeding the permissible number of more than three people.