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The Department of Economic Development in Sharjah has announced the reopening of business centers, men's hairdressing salons, women's beauty salons, restaurants and cafeterias

According to the higher directives in the emirate of Sharjah, the Department of Economic Development in Sharjah announced the reopening of commercial centers, men's hairdressing salons, women's beauty salons, restaurants and cafeterias, as of Sunday 5/5/2020, with the necessity of observing the establishments for all precautionary measures and preventive measures to preserve public health, during The first stage of the plan to open markets in the framework of fighting the outbreak of the new epidemic of Corona, and the requirements include maintaining the occupancy ceiling by 30% of the common areas in the commercial centers, and the necessity of putting stickers on the front of the stores showing the number of visitors To them are allowed inside the store at the same time, according to an area of ​​the store, according to the rules of social spacing, which ensures a minimum distance of 2 meters between people.

The department confirmed that the reopening of these sectors provided that the measures and conditions specified in the circular are applied, and the commercial monitoring and protection teams affiliated with the department and in cooperation and coordination with Sharjah City Municipality teams will make sure to adhere to these conditions. Awareness campaigns for employees about the prevention and protection from infection with the new coronavirus, and the working hours in the commercial centers will be from twelve o'clock in the afternoon until nine o'clock in the evening, and shops selling food and food And in hypermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies that work 24 hours, and all visitors to shopping centers must adhere to preventive measures and precautionary measures in accordance with the decisions issued by the National Authority for Emergency, Disaster and Crisis Management.

Sharjah Economic Department stated that shopping centers should install heat detectors at the entrances of the centers, put sterilizers at the entrances of the center and customer service points, and ensure that all visitors to the center wear masks and gloves, and immediately report any suspected cases of corona disease to the competent authorities, and the continued closure of the chapels Cinemas, entertainment centers and sports clubs.

The plan also includes the need to ensure the presence of cleaners in all commercial centers to implement sterilization operations and continuous disinfection of all sites within the centers, including toilets, elevators, stairs and floors, with the need to allocate storage areas so that they are easy to sterilize, and the use of electronic doors that ensure a reduction in the use of hands when entering Commercial centers and stores.

Sharjah Economy confirmed that in the case of eating inside restaurants, seats and tables must be organized to occupy 30% of the restaurant and maintain a distance of not less than 2 meters between people in the restaurant and that the number of people does not exceed 4 people at the same table. With the necessity of using presentation equipment that is used only once in restaurants and taking care of sterilizing tables and chairs with disinfectants after each use.

The plan includes the management of commercial centers using internal loudspeakers to remind shoppers of the rules and etiquette of shopping during the first stage and sensitize them to precautionary measures, and to place all signs and signs that include instructions for measures and follow all government instructions in this regard.

The plan revealed the obligation of shopping centers to open all entry points to avoid congestion at the entrances, stressing that older shoppers who are over the age of 60 years will not be allowed to enter the commercial centers, and restrict the positions inside the mall so that the available parking does not exceed more than 30% of the total parking, And stop the activity of valet parking and car wash