Security forces intervene and break down the Egyptian crowd
Security forces intervene and break down the Egyptian crowd

A number of expats from the violators of residency at Ewaa centers raised riots and gatherings, protesting against their gathering and then leaving them and not informing them of the date of their travel to their country and demanded the Egyptian authorities to respond to the request to return to their country.

The security services immediately intervened, resolving the riots and chaos carried out by a number of the Egyptian community in the designated shelters and controlling them, arresting a number of them and transferring them to take legal measures against them.

And the Egyptian embassy filed an apology to the Kuwaiti authorities on behalf of the Egyptian community for the riots and chaos they had witnessed in front of the shelter centers assigned to them, and they calmed them down and promised them to take measures to solve this problem.

Then representatives of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt attended and informed the community and calm them that schedules are being prepared to organize return trips to their country this week for all violators of residence in accordance with the procedures followed on evacuation trips and it was agreed that tomorrow evacuation trips will start with two trips daily.

7 people were arrested and found to be the instigators of these riots.

The sources revealed that the Ministry of the Interior put a block on their names to prevent them from entering Kuwait again and they will not be able to work or reside in Kuwait except for those who benefited from Maladara. He left safely, where they can return again. To work and reside in Kuwait.