stop appointing expatriates
stop appointing expatriates

He issued a decision to suspend expatriate appointments during this period of the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), whereby the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs M. Walid Al-Jasem directed the executive branch of the municipality to stop the appointment of expats.


The Minister stressed the reduction of the number of arrivals and the implementation of the replacement policy for Kuwaitis instead of expatriates.

Then MP Safaa al-Hashem gave a greeting to the Minister of Municipal Affairs after making this decision and she will follow up on this decision himself until it is implemented and it is not just a reaction at the present time only because of Corona.

Safaa Al-Hashem said:

"Her message to the Minister of Municipalities, and according to your decision to end the work of all expatriates in the ministry, he stopped and completed as well for the foreign consultants in your legal department, who caused the loss of many of the municipal issues, and sought help from Kuwaitis, we have mighty minds to help you and will not fail to serve its country."