Safaa Al-Hashem
Safaa Al-Hashem

MP Safaa Al-Hashem stated that the solution to smuggling supplies lies in dispensing with Egyptian workers in the supply chain and seeking assistance from Kuwaitis and retirees specifically.

Al-Hashem said: “The Ministry of Trade is required to put in place an accurate and strict automatic system in calculating the quantities in particular for some families that do not buy all their needs for the month because the surplus goes to the Egyptian and Bengali workers, and is sold in Jleeb Al-Shuyukh and Khaitan, and is smuggled into their country.”
She emphasized that she had warned the Minister of Trade and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan several times about this matter, telling him that “playing” in the supply had reached a point that could not be tolerated and had become “not normal”. She demanded that the segments of those who really deserve the supply be identified, and I raised this repeatedly. Higher incomes are equal to the middle class or those whose monthly salary depends on first-hand.
Representative Nasser Al-Dossary considered the referral of 51 cooperative society accountants to the Public Prosecution, after discovering differences in the quantities of supplies, a disaster, especially since the country is going through exceptional circumstances related to the Corona pandemic and taking such an act is considered a betrayal of trust, the perpetrators of which must be punished.
Al-Dosari said: The matter has reached a limit that cannot be exceeded because the recent inventory conducted by the Ministry of Trade revealed the smuggling of subsidized supplies to some Arab countries, noting that the support is in order to help citizens face the high prices, and not to export to other countries, stressing the need to address the matter as soon as possible before. Ministry of Trade, to ensure that it is not repeated in the future.
Al-Dosari preferred to appoint Kuwaitis in such jobs, and if necessary, seek the help of retirees who are willing to work or employ the children of Kuwaiti women or the category of undetermined nationality, demanding that anyone who facilitated the smuggling process be punished, even the companies that smuggled subsidized supplies.
Al-Dossary called: The Ministry of Trade to tighten control over the supply centers to prevent the smuggling of food supplies and to expedite the employment of Kuwaiti citizens and children of undetermined nationalities because the matter is related to supplying a country and wasting public money.
Representative Saud Al-Shuwayer called for an end to smuggling of foodstuffs to some Arab countries, surprising the spread of corruption to the point that 51 accountants of a cooperative society were referred to the Public Prosecution Office on charges of smuggling.