Safaa Al Hashem attacks the expatriates
Safaa Al Hashem attacks the expatriates

Expatriates in Kuwait used to attack and harsh criticism from Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al-Hashem, as she always demanded to get rid of expatriates and end their services in the country, and she also demanded that the State of Kuwait receive a percentage of the expatriates ’remittances.

Representative Safaa al Hashem said in a press statement:

“On March 15, 2017, I submitted a proposal with a law to collect 5 percent of the value of all transfers made by expatriates to their countries, so that all statistical and financial studies have proven that they have exceeded 21 billion dollars over the past five years, equivalent to 4.5 billion dinars.”

She added: "Kuwait, as a government, does not charge or file a fee for these transfers, with all the facilities and services that the expatriate enjoys, health and educational facilities, and subsidized materials such as gasoline, gas, and electricity without compensation equivalent to their real value."

And she continued: «With that suggestion, they rejected it and sheltered it in the Majlis.