Royal Decree
Royal Decree

It was issued by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the country's monarch, the Most Merciful, may God protect and sponsor him, Decree No. (21) for the year 2020 to reconfigure the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Bahrain, stating :

Article 1:

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Bahrain shall be reconstituted as follows:
Mr. Hassan Khalifa Al-Jalahmah as Chairman
Mr. Rashid Muhammad Al Maraj as a member
Mr. Yousef Abdullah Hammoud - a representative of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy - member
Mr. Khaled Ibrahim Humaidan as a member
Mr. Youssef Abdel Hussein Khalaf as a member
Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa is a member
Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Bouhaji as a member
The membership term of the members of the Council shall be four years, renewable for similar periods.

second subject :
This decree is effective from the date of its issuance, and it will be published in the Official Gazette.