Roads and Transport Authority
Roads and Transport Authority

Note, Passengers : Starting Sunday, 25 October, a new bus (F81) will start on a route from Al Qusais Industrial Area to Al Nahda metro station.



Private lanes will reduce the bus transit time between the two emirates by 15 minutes at peak hours.

On the same day, a new bus route will open between Dubai and Sharjah, reducing the transit time between the two emirates by 15 minutes.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced on Thursday that further changes to the bus route will also be introduced from the same date.

Adel Shukry, Director of Planning and Business Development at the Public Transport Authority at the Roads and Transport Authority, said that the new metro bus service (F81) from Al Qusais will be available every 15 minutes during peak hours.

The Roads and Transport Authority will also open a dedicated bus lane on the Al Khan and Al Muzar lines of line (E303) to transport passengers between the Union Metro Station in Dubai and Jubail Station in Sharjah, which will reduce about 15 minutes of bus transit time between the UAE, Shukry added.
Ten double-decker buses will also be deployed for this new road.

Several other bus routes will be modified and improved starting Sunday. Line 77, for one, will be extended to the main office of the Roads and Transport Authority via the Emirates Metro Station.

The Director of Planning and Business Development renewed the RTA’s commitment to expanding the public bus network in the city and improving its integration with other mass transit means such as the metro, tram and water transport. He stressed that the convenient and well-connected public transport network would make it the ideal transportation option in the emirate.