free driving licenses to 25 low income people
free driving licenses to 25 low income people

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai continues the charitable initiative that provides training and educational materials in addition to all procedures for obtaining a driver's license free of charge for disadvantaged individuals.


The initiative, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Emirates Driving Institute and Beit Al Khair Association, is part of the Roads and Transport Authority's responsibility towards various community members. This has so far resulted in the issuance of free driver's licenses to 25 individuals.

This initiative came on the heels of an agreement signed with the Emirates Institute for Driving Education in its capacity as a partner to the Roads and Transport Authority, whereby the agreement provides for some fixed-income individuals of all nationalities to be granted driving licenses free of cost, and the exemption from fees begins with the opening of the file.

Dr. Youssef Al-Ali, Chairman of the Higher Committee of the Roads and Transport Authority Corporation and CEO of Dubai, said that theoretical and practical training, in addition to tests for signs, parking, market and highways, until the final test and issuance of a driver's license. Taxi company.

As a result of the agreement signed in the Year of Giving (2017), so far, driving licenses have been issued for 25 individuals from the groups concerned with the nomination of Beit Al Khair Association. Driver's license has become a necessity for life that opens up decent livelihoods.
According to the initiative, the E-Learning Institute will provide free driving license educational courses for customers who have been selected by the Roads and Transport Authority in cooperation with the Beit Al Khair Association.