Risk of spreading Covid-19 virus via frozen food
Risk of spreading Covid-19 virus via frozen food

A senior official in Dubai Municipality indicated that the risk of spreading the Covid virus through the packaging of frozen food is very low in the United Arab Emirates as the food inspection departments in the country follow strict safety protocols while dealing with these items.


These comments come after the recent disclosure by the China Disease Control Authority that contact with frozen food packages contaminated with the new live Coronavirus may cause infection.

“Food companies in Dubai follow strict protocols and people with the disease do not work in the food trade. There is no need to worry about these safety aspects,” a Dubai municipality official said, in appeasement of these concerns.

He added: "Scientific organizations have clearly stated that the risks of food packaging being a source of viral particles are very low in any case. Covid is not a food-borne infection."

Fears about frozen food packages carrying the infection became apparent after the Chinese authorities indicated on their website that it is possible to transmit the virus over long distances through packages.

However, doctors in the Emirates have asked people not to be overly scared by these discoveries.

Dr Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Pulmonologist, Life Care Hospital, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, said: “It is a note according to the China Center for Disease Control (CDC) that calls for caution, but it is not out of place. In only about 22 samples the Corona virus was found alive. "On the surface of frozen marine fish packages. Also earlier, it was found that the virus can be transmitted over long distances on the surfaces of frozen containers. Not only Covid, but any virus or bacteria can live for a long time on cold surfaces."