Return tickets are mandatory for UAE visitors
Return tickets are mandatory for UAE visitors

Leading airlines and travel agents have said a confirmed return ticket is mandatory for visitor and tourist visa holders to enter the UAE.


The rules are strictly enforced, and a large group of passengers from India and Pakistan have been left stranded at Dubai International Airport recently as return tickets could not be confirmed. According to the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai, a total of 678 Pakistani citizens were prevented from entering the UAE for non-compliance.

More than 140 Indian passengers were also required to return to their home countries on Thursday.

India's national airline and IndiGo have issued notifications to travelers and travel agents clarifying the rules.

"We have been informed by the competent authority in Dubai that travelers with visitor visas and tourist visas and who arrive in the emirate without a return ticket will not be allowed to" enter, "the official circular issued by Air India said.

“All passengers traveling from India to Dubai on a visitor or tourist visa must hold a valid return ticket.

"In the absence of this, we will have to unload the passenger at the check-in point or the boarding point in India, or refuse entry to Dubai by deporting the passenger at his own expense and at his own expense," the circular added.

Indigo Airlines has also warned passengers that those traveling without a valid return ticket will be banned from entering Dubai.