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The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi directed all tourist establishments working to organize and operate excursion boats in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by re-practicing their activities starting from the beginning of this month

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi directed all tourist establishments involved in the organization and operation of excursion boats in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to re-engage in their activities starting from the beginning of this month, provided that several directives are in line with the directives of the relevant authorities issued in the state regarding preventive measures related to Corona virus (Covid-19) .

And the department clarified, in a circular issued today that Al-Bayan obtained a copy of it, that there are 27 directives and conditions that must be applied before restarting, indicating that tourist facilities will be inspected from floating boats, ships, picnic ships and restaurants by the inspectors of the department to verify compliance with these instructions with the hope of adherence In order to avoid the legal measures that will be taken regarding violators according to the legislation in force.

According to the department, the conditions and directives include maintaining an operating level with a capacity of 50% of the total capacity as a maximum, and requiring all visitors, employees and contractors to wear masks and jumps in all situations where failure to comply will lead to refusal to enter the facilities, and that the facility be equipped with thermal cameras installed if it has a scale Manual infrared heat and refused entry to people with high temperatures.

She pointed out that every visitor has a body temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius or higher that is taken to a dedicated room near the main entrance, to inform any visitor, employee, or contractor with symptoms of influenza, and to prevent visitors, employees, and contractors who show symptoms of influenza from reaching To the building or the complex, with the necessity of pre-checking the employees and contractors at the beginning of each work shift, and all employees must undergo the "Corona" test and take this test every two weeks, and all employees resume work after receiving negative results for the examination.

The department stated that all employees and visitors must adhere to the social spacing and ensure that a distance of 2 meters is left between them, define clear signs of social spacing on the floors, define seats in proportion to the base of a distance of 2 meters, identify separate entrances and exits wherever possible, and encourage guests to use smart payment technology , And ensure that hand sanitizers are installed in payment counters.

The department stated that it will not allow organizing any live entertainment activities or shows or parties. All surfaces, areas and touch points must be cleaned and purified using materials and methods authorized by the Abu Dhabi Health Department, and to ensure that the number of cleaning times for areas that are high points of contact are increased, and cleaners are provided Dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms after each use, ensuring continuous sterilization of all entrances and surfaces that are constantly touched, and ensuring that there is soap, sterilizer, and single-use tissues regularly to avoid any shortages of toilets.

The department stressed the necessity of making sure to provide hand sanitizer, hops and gaskets at every entry point, obtaining the approval of the Global Environmental Protection Authority for all chemicals used in disinfection, and the need to carry out disinfection work regularly and regularly using approved disinfectants, and sterilizing life jackets after each use, and maintaining Proper ventilation in accordance with the requirements and frequent cleaning of all air conditioning filters, and that the provision of food and beverages adhere to the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority to comply with food safety, not to allow the provision of hookah service and display posters of preventive measures, appropriate personal hygiene, social separation and precautions to be taken.