Reopening 29 nurseries
Reopening 29 nurseries

A detailed set of instructions for nurseries has been published, and parents are also reminded to keep their children's health under surveillance and a senior education official said that 29 nurseries and kindergartens in Sharjah are scheduled to reopen on October 4, with strict precautions for Covid-19 in place.


After meeting safety requirements including mandatory screening of all employees, nurseries received permission to operate from the Sharjah Private Education Authority, an official from the Sharjah Education Council said.

He added that teams from the Sharjah Special Education Authority, Early Childhood Development Department and the Ministry of Education all worked together in inspecting and evaluating nurseries in the emirate.

 They examined every nook and cranny, reviewed sterilization practices, and researched protocols in place for employees. Inspections and monitoring will continue to ensure nurseries are in compliance with all procedures during their operations.

A set of guidelines have been put forward to keep children and kindergartens safe. Sanitation and maintaining social distancing rules are among the priorities.

Specific instructions have been included, including those related to children's meals and use of the toilets. Classroom capacity has been determined, and all facilities will be sterilized periodically. Maintenance workers must not be permitted to enter while there are children in the building.

The guideline also details the standard protocol to follow if a child or employee becomes ill or has symptoms of a respiratory illness.

The education official said parents are being urged to monitor the health of their children. In the event that their children develop symptoms or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, they must inform the nursery immediately.

He added that children with health conditions are not allowed to return to nurseries.