Renewing UAE residency visas
Renewing UAE residency visas

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship began receiving residency renewal requests on Sunday, and the authority urged UAE residents and expired citizens and Emirati ID cards to apply for renewals online and through the Authority's smart channels.


The authority urged the residents of the Emirates and citizens whose visas and Emirates ID cards have expired to observe the grace period granted to them.

 "A three-month grace period has been granted to Emiratis, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and residents of the country to renew their documents," Brigadier Khamis Mohamed Al-Kaabi, the agency's spokesman, said in an interview with local television on Sunday evening.

On Friday, the UAE Cabinet issued a number of amendments that repealed all previously issued decisions related to the residence of expatriates, visas, entry permits and ID cards.

Brigadier Al-Kaabi said that the renewal process had begun for those whose visas and IDs had expired in March and April and confirmed that for those whose residence permits expired in May, renewals would be accepted from August 11th, while those who had expired visas between June 1 and 12 July Submission of applications from September 10.

For residence visas and IDs that expire on July 12, the renewal period is not limited to a specific date.

For citizens and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries and residents who have spent less than six months outside the country, a grace period of one month is granted, starting from the date of their arrival in the country.

"Administrative fees will be collected at the end of the mentioned dates, and no fines will be collected during the exemption period," Al-Kaabi said, stressing that fees and fines are reactivated on all services provided by the authority as of Sunday.