Renewal of driving license in Kuwait for expatriates 2020
Renewal of driving license in Kuwait for expatriates 2020

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the launch of a driver’s license renewal service in Kuwait via the Internet for both citizens and expatriates, in order to facilitate government services and procedures for them, by converting a group of government services into electronic services that can be completed within a few minutes, and we point out that the authorities The Security Council appealed to citizens and expatriates to ensure the validity of their driver's license, and to renew it on time, to avoid falling under the penalty of law, and individuals can renew it in several simple steps, which are the following:


* Visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website.
* Register a personal account in order to be able to use all the services provided to it, and after completion
* From its creation, click on the Traffic section option by clicking on e-services.
* Click on the online renewal of a driver's license button.
* Enter all required information and personal data, such as: name, ID number, car number, and residence address.
* The signer asks the individual to add a copy of the image of the civil ID, and add the electronic signature, then click on the option to continue.
* Putting a recent personal photo in the space allocated for it, which must be with a blue background, in accordance with the instructions issued by the General Traffic Authority in the country.
Pay the fees for obtaining a driver's license.

Conditions for renewing a driver's license:

Renewing a driver’s license has become one of the tasks that do not require much time and effort, as it only takes several minutes, but there are some conditions that must be met for this to be successful.