Registration to receive Corona vaccine
Registration to receive Corona vaccine

Governmental schools in Abu Dhabi have informed teachers of the opening of registration for those wishing to obtain the emerging corona virus vaccine (Covid-19), after the Ministry of Health and Community Protection authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, and made it available to the groups most dealing with "Covid-19" sufferers of the first line of defense champions While the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi revealed that the groups that deal most with "Covid-19" sufferers from the first line of defense, which will be included in the emergency use of the vaccine, include in the first stage members of the medical staff, the educational staff, the police and the judiciary.


In detail, the directors of public schools in Abu Dhabi received a letter from school operations in Abu Dhabi, confirming the inclusion of teachers and teaching staff among the priority groups in obtaining the "Covid-19" vaccine, in addition to their first-degree family members who are over the age of 18 years. Taking the vaccine is optional for those who are eligible, and she invited them to start listing the names of those who would like and those who are eligible from their families.

While the Undersecretary of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Jamal Al-Kaabi, explained that the department has started the first phase of making the emergency use of the "Covid-19" vaccine available to the groups most dealing with "Covid-19" victims of the first line of defense, with the medical staff and the educational staff, The police, the judiciary, and the next stage will be for media professionals, journalists and other groups that fall within the first line of defense categories, according to the assessment of the department and the competent authorities.

Al-Kaabi said, pointing out that the individuals who will receive the vaccine will apply the same protocol for volunteers in the third stage of the global clinical trials of the "Covid-19" vaccine, as they will receive the first dose, and 21 days later they will receive the second dose, conducting examinations, and following up on the phone. And a review of side effects, as well as the conditions for registration in clinical trials apply.

The conditions for receiving the vaccine stipulate that the participant should be a healthy person between the ages of 18 and 60 years, that the health condition of the participant is good after reviewing the medical history records and a physical examination, and that the able-bodied participant should not be pregnant or breastfeed at the time of participation in the experiment. Clinical, (a negative result of the urine pregnancy test should be attached), and the volunteer should not plan for pregnancy during the first three months of participating in the study (effective contraception measures must be taken during the two weeks preceding the participation in the study), in addition to the participant being able and ready to complete the program and plan Fully assessed clinical study, able to understand the procedure plan, and voluntarily sign the informed consent form.