Dubai airports
Dubai airports

With the resumption of air traffic at Dubai airports, passport officers at Dubai International Airport have completed the entry procedures for the first Russian tourist group coming to the UAE through Dubai airports.


This comes within the framework of the efforts to establish Dubai to facilitate procedures for travelers arriving through Dubai airports, taking into account all preventive measures and measures that contribute to enhancing travelers' confidence and reflect the readiness of the emirate's tourism infrastructure.

The Director General of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, Major General Muhammad Ahmad Al-Marri, revealed that the Dubai residence issued one million and 678 thousand visas of various kinds for the Russian community from 2018 until the eighth of September this year, while the number of Russian visitors who were granted visas upon arrival reached 800 thousand visitors. In the same period, indicating that the number of Russian residents in Dubai between 2019 and 2020 reached 21,838, while in (2018) their number reached 7,280 residents.

 Major General Mohammed Al-Marri emphasized that the United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular is the preferred destination for tourists, especially the Russian tourist, as Dubai has retained its position among the most liveable cities, in light of the elements and tourist and economic attractions it has, in addition to what it enjoys. From a high indicator of security and safety, pointing out that the Emirati-Russian bilateral relations are witnessing continuous development and prosperity in various fields, which in turn affected the strengthening of the UAE's position, confirming its global political, economic and tourism presence, and enhancing cooperation opportunities and comprehensive strategic relations between various countries.

Al-Marri added that the establishment of Dubai has endeavored to end the procedures for travelers coming from Russia according to the highest security standards, and the administration is also keen to facilitate the procedures of Russian residents and provide them with all the ingredients for a decent residence, which contributed to the increase in the influx of Russians to Dubai, stressing that the UAE has embraced since its establishment Everyone and I have worked to harness all possible energies to provide the highest levels of security and safety and to make the human being and his happiness above all else.

Major General Al-Marri added: "We are pleased to welcome all visitors to the UAE from all over the world, and we assure them that we are fully prepared to facilitate the completion of their travel procedures in record time, in accordance with the highest safety standards and protocols adopted in the country regarding procedures for receiving travelers."