Private school teachers in Abu Dhabi are subjected to a Corona test
Private school teachers in Abu Dhabi are subjected to a Corona test

Authorities have said teachers and administrative staff at private schools in Abu Dhabi will have to undergo a Covid-19 test once every two weeks to ensure their safety and protect students attending classroom lessons amid the pandemic.


Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge indicated that it has obligated private schools in the emirate to have their employees, including teachers and administrative staff, take the Covid-19 test before students reopen and initially receive them for the current academic year.

ADIC said it has also set a schedule for retesting employees every two weeks to ensure they are not infected with the virus.

Officials said the mandatory Covid-19 test was one of the conditions for schools to obtain a "no objection" certificate to reopen classes in class.

ADIC stressed the need for private schools to be flexible and continue to provide distance learning programs to students in light of the gradual return to the class system amid the Covid-19 situation.

Education organizers also highlighted the importance of cooperation between schools and health authorities and adherence to precautionary measures, including wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and checking daily temperatures, to ensure a safe learning environment.