New advantages from Emiratisation
New advantages from Emiratisation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation launched a new awareness campaign on its official pages on social media platforms, to urge establishments and employers in the private sector to expand the use of national cadres and employ them in exchange for administrative, financial and in-kind benefits provided to them by the Ministry and its brands through the membership of the Partners Club Emiratisation, the most prominent of which is meeting the establishment's requirements for work permits, and providing them with reduced fees. ...


The Ministry stated that the membership of the Emiratisation Partners Club is divided into four graded categories, to which the establishments join according to the rates, percentages and priorities of Emiratization, pointing out that the minimum stay for the establishments within the classification of the last category is not less than six months, renewable before moving to a higher category.

In detail, the Ministry stated in a new awareness campaign, which it recently launched on its official pages on social media platforms, that it provides a large variety of benefits that the owners of establishments who interact positively and are most committed to the Emiratisation programs in their establishments can benefit from them, represented in meeting the needs of their establishments in terms of work permits. In addition to obtaining preferential reduced rates for permit fees, and transferring establishments committed to Emiratisation to higher categories of the Emiratisation Partners Club, which have more preferential advantages in fees.

According to the ministry, membership in the club is granted to private sector establishments that apply to participate in the club to the relevant organizational unit in the ministry, which decides on the membership application within a period not exceeding 10 working days from the date of its submission, after making sure that the facility’s registry - at the time of submitting the application - of any Violations of the legal regulations and the availability of the required Emiratisation rate, pointing out that the club’s membership is divided into four categories (platinum, gold, silver, and bronze), according to which establishments obtain multiple exclusive privileges, the most prominent of which is reducing the cost of labor recruitment by paying a fee of 300 dirhams to extract And renewal of the work permit, for a period of two years, according to the Emiratisation percentage achieved by the establishment, and its level of membership in the club.

The ministry indicated that there are three priorities for membership in the Emiratisation Partners Club, the first of which is "establishments with high Emiratisation priority." They are establishments that require high skill levels to work, and they carry out economic activities in the financial sectors, education, health, consulting and communications - for example - and each of them has 125 workers or more. The second is the "medium priority for resettlement". It includes enterprises that engage in economic activities that operate - for example - in the trade and retail sectors, hospitality, and transportation. And each of them has 250 workers or more. Whereas the last priority, "low priority for Emiratisation," includes establishments that do not require high skill levels to work and engage in economic activities that work - for example - in the construction, cleaning, and guarding sectors, and each of them has 500 workers or more.

She said: “For the establishments to be included in the first (platinum) category, there is a condition of 12% for establishments with high Emiratisation priority, 7% for medium priority establishments, and 3% for low priority establishments, while joining the second (golden) category are those with high Emiratisation priority. ».